Week 10

Jeanie and the Boy

After watching a few “Every Frame a Painting” videos, I have to say, I find them very insightful and addicting to watch! It made me see movie and show scenes differently. Especially as someone who likes to edit videos, they gave a lot of insight and advice into what makes good editing.

For the video essay, I chose a scene from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, specifically the conversation between Jeanie Bueller and the boy in the police station. I had to watch the scene a few times in order for me to notice the subtleties of the cuts and editing, and there was one thing in particular I noticed that I wanted to analyze in my video essay.

I first wrote out a script of what I wanted to say. That way, I could figure out what clips I wanted to incorporate into my video and structure them around the script. It’s also the other way around where I structured my script to the video clips I put in.

Honestly, I found this to be an enjoyable activity. It not only got me thinking more critically about cuts and edits in movies, but I got to play around with the movie scenes while editing this video to get my point across.

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