Week 10

Story Through Lyrics

Recently, I watched a playthrough of NieR (2010), and the soundtrack is out of this world amazing! I especially love the ending credit song “Ashes of Dreams” because it captures the bittersweet and somber tone of the story.

When I initially decided to do the lyric video assignment (4.5 stars), I wanted to do “Don’t Think Twice” by Utada Hikaru, but when I opened up the iMovie app and saw the ‘organic’ background, the first song that popped into my head was “Ashes of Dreams (New)”

To match the tone of the story as well as the quality of the singer’s voice, I chose the ‘Focus’ title for the text. Although the lyrics don’t fully present themselves completely in time with the song, I nonetheless still think it captures the atmosphere the song is trying to present. My purpose of this lyric video wasn’t to make it a perfect “sing-along” type of lyric video, but one that indirectly tells the story of the game. I did it for the aesthetic, really.

I also played around with the colors of the text based on the part of the song it’s at (verse, chorus, etc.). I wanted to maintain an earthy tone to match the organic background, but I highlighted certain words with specific colors to give the text more life.

Lastly, during the instrumental sections, I downloaded the ending video of the game, lowered the video’s opaqueness, and added extra filters. Overall, it was time consuming and battery draining, but I very much enjoyed this assignment.

Here is the lyric video! I hope I was able to convey the mood of the story!

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