Week 5

Let’s Get to Brainstorming

If you’ve read or skimmed through my blog, a few things will be very evident about me: I like video games, dance, and music. The question is how would I relate to or tie one of these ideas into our 80s course theme, and how would I want to approach these ideas for our radio show project. Here I’ll list 3 separate ideas:

Video Games in the 80s:

This is a topic I really want to do, and if our topic is about video games that were released in the 80s, I want to focus on a few elements:

(1) How has storytelling in video games changed since the 80s? How has it stayed the same? How has video game storytelling in the 80s shaped gameplay/battle systems and/or vice versa?

(2) What were the trends or commonalities that 80s video games shared?

(3) How have certain legendary games (ex: Mario, Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy, Shin Megami Tensei) persisted? Based on their 80s origins, how have they evolved until the present and what elements remained?

Note: The games don’t have to be JRPGs (they’re just a genre I grew up with). We can open up with talking about some of our favorite video games now and trace it back to their origins, eventually leading into 80s video games.

Dance in the 80s:

Although I am nothing more than an amateur dancer, I “specialize” in hip-hop, urban, and freestyle, but here are a couple things I would want to discuss in this topic:

(1) What new styles of dances emerged in the 80s?

(2) Of those new styles, which of those persist until today? What elements remain, and what elements have evolved?

Music in the 80s:

I grew up listening to radio hits, classical/symphonic/orchestral music, rock/alternative/metal, and K-Pop. Needless to say, that’s pretty diverse, and I want to explore the type of music that were popular in the 80s. If it came to this topic, we would talk mostly about:

(1) Trends: what did 80s songs share in common? What made them unique from songs today?

As you can see, my biggest interest is video games (because if there’s an appropriate place to be a nerd in class, it’s here)! However, I’m flexible, and I don’t have a specific sketch laid out.

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