Week 6

Designer Dilemma

Week 6 was one of those weeks where, in hindsight it wasn’t that bad, but during the week it was a struggle. I started my week with a daily create where I drew (and colored via the photo editing app on my phone) a big hear hugging a little heart. This was a cute and fun little daily create for Valentine’s Day.

For my second daily create, I did this name synesthesia app to see what my name would look like as colors. Quite frankly, it’s not my aesthetic, but it was interesting to see.

After that I did a reflection on Massimo Vignelli’s The Vignelli Canon and a Brain Pickings article about Chipp Kidd and his book on design for children, where I talked about how there were many elements that I never knew about or considered in design. From the readings, I learned a lot about the intentionality that goes into a design, and I felt as though my eyes have been fine tuned to spot excellent designs.

For my first design assignment, I did One Story / Four Icons for The Princess Bride (1987). The icons I used were a buttercup flower to represent the character Buttercup, a goblet to represent the poison goblet trial, a rapier to represent Inigo Montoya, and a book, since it’s a frame story. This was a simple but fun assignment.

My second design assignment, I made a Minimalist Movie Poster for Disney’s The Little Mermaid (1989). I basically used a blue gradient background to show the depth of the sea and then placed the mermaid tail fin at the bottom. This was challenging for me at first, but I think it turned out all right.

On the same line of posters, I made an Event Poster for this year’s yosakoi festival for my third design assignment. I just wanted to spread a dance form that I discovered and learned while I was abroad. I took a bit of a minimalist approach, but it’s still a little bold in some aspects. It’s simple, but cute!

My last daily create was a tabletop inventory where I took a photo and listed the items on the desk I was studying on.

My last design assignment was an un-motivational poster for Contradiction Creation. For this, I used a picture of a bird flying into the sunset with a quote that might make you double-take.

Some of the blogs I commented on were Here Comes The Bride, where I said how I liked the simplicity which added to its elegance. I also commented on Jazzercise Instructor for the fun use of colors in the design. Lyric Typography Poster also demonstrated a great use of symbols for the lyrics.

At long last, I finally did my design blitz. It was challenging for me because I had no idea how to approach it, but then I realized how much more simpler the assignment was than I took it for, so I looked around my room and Eagle Landing for examples.

Overall, this week has been enjoyable despite its challenges, and it has definitely sharpened my eye for design.

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