Week 9

Hectic is an Understatement

How is everyone holding up? I’m a mess. Ever since we got the news that we would be continuing online classes until the end of the semester, my heart broke at the thought of all my “lasts” as a senior being taken away. Packing up and driving back home was pretty emotional, and because it’s been so hectic this week trying to straighten everything up, I didn’t get a chance to do my second reworked assignment.

Anyway, I listened to Monday’s and Tuesday’s radio shows, and reflected on When We Were Young / Back in My Day. I also did my first daily create of the week, which had us make a hand-washing lyric poster, to which I used Hikaru Utada’s “Simple and Clean.” My second daily create had us splatter holi colors on our Google page, which I thoroughly enjoyed, especially since UMW’s Holi celebration is cancelled.

I finally reworked at least one assignment, which was the Honest Game Cover for the NieR:Automata. I really enjoyed doing this and ramping up the effort put into it, but oh my goodness it took so much time and energy.

Going off of NieR:Automata, I did a Daily Create story, using two daily creates from last week and one from this week. I might have gone a little overboard with setting the story before actually incorporating the daily creates. I also blogged about my project ideas: video games in the 80s, dance in the 80s, Japan in the 80s. For my third daily create was about posting a quote to celebrate happiness day.

Finally, I commented on a couple blog posts. In Reworked Assignments, I mentioned how I really liked the new and improved Sick Beats, and in Assignments – Take 2, I liked how the warning poster looked more natural and had more of a cautionary feel to it.

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