Week 9

Just Another Day…

For the connected Daily Creates, I decided to use the two ones I made last week and one of this week. The reason for the ones I decided on is because I recently finished a post-apocalyptic / dystopian game called NieR:Automata, and as I’m listening to it’s amazing soundtrack, I wanted to write a short story with the same kind of atmosphere. I may have gotten a little carried away setting up the background before incorporating my daily creates though.




I open my eyes, immediately turning away from the sunlight beaming through the window. I finally completed self-repairing after neglecting the corrupted malware that had made its way to my logic circuits for the past couple days. It was a close call–had I waited another day, I would lose all sense of self.


I laugh to myself. Since when did androids ever have a self? We only hold the memory data of the human subjects we were created after.

That’s right. I’m an android: Model 27-A6. However, the name I go by is “Alice.” That’s the name of the human whose memory data I have installed.

Androids such as myself were created to preserve humanity’s legacy after many had died from an unknown disease that plagued the planet for centuries. I was rolled out in the year 2134, the same year that the real Alice died. During this time, most of humanity was wiped out. We androids and the remaining humans were tasked with finding a cure, but when the last human died in the year 2271, we androids lost our purpose.

It is the year 3014. I do not know why I continue to operate with the desire to keep on living. Many of my fellow androids’ logic circuits have been corrupted to the point of no return. This was especially true of the older models. Newer models like myself are able to self-repair.

Because Alice’s memory data is installed even into my logic circuits, there is a routine I follow almost instinctively. After I rise from my bed, I play a mixtape to boost my energy while getting dressed. Once dressed, I venture outside and meet with any androids whom I could “hang out” with.

We do not understand the concept of “hanging out.” What we know is that it is a concept from the old world that consisted of individuals gathering together for a fun time. We also do not understand what it means to have fun. We do not have feelings. Our creators neglected to install that for us. All we have are our humans’ memories. While they make for great reference, we cannot be sure if we’re doing it correctly. What does it mean to feel?

Well, if I haven’t gotten tired of meeting up with and talking about nonsensical things with the same group of androids, then I guess I do enjoy their company.

That’s what I concluded.

Upon returning home, I washed my hands, singing along to one of Alice’s favorite songs. It was over a century older than her, much like the mixtape, but she had strange tastes in the old world.

I guess that’s where we’re both similar.

Towards the end of the day, I stare out the window and watch the sun set. It is, as the humans would put it, “beautiful.” No sunset was ever the same.

Maybe that’s the real reason I keep “living.”

I want to keep seeing all the different sunsets. I want to continue seeing this beautiful world.

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This is fun and super creative! Love the thought and effort that went into creating this and the use of your Daily Creates!

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